The Sower

This 12-inch bronze sculpture of a sower is a rough sketch for a larger monument.  The image of a farmer sowing seeds literally depicts the work of farming, but it also symbolizes future benefits that come through today’s efforts. Our investments of energy, wealth, & creativity are made with hopes of a better tomorrow.

To enhance this message I have added an abstract, spiraling form representing the seeds fanning out to reach the earth, bear the farmer, then continue back to refill the seed container.  It becomes a symbol that speaks of purpose, hope, & optimism—of paying it forward.

“The Sower” can represent the missions of a researcher, entrepreneur, school, or business involved in efforts to improve the future.

He could be an inspiring figure welcoming visitors and staff to an institution’s campus or lobby.


Material: Bronze.
13 x 11 x 7 inches.