Dance of the women

Celebrating Greek line dancing, this sculpture is a companion piece to "Dance of the Men".  They are not about men & women or male & female.  The two sculptures address two aspects of humanity--the spiritual and the physical.  

The men were made to express the dignity (of men AND women) that transcends our every day existence.  The thin, but active bodies symbolize the importance of what we do, say, teach, and learn in life--the things that last and define our character beyond our physical being.  Most of the sculpture is open space.  It is more about the spiritual side of our lives.  

The women were made to express our physicality; our ties to the earth and nature--Mother Nature.  Their bodies are more substantial, defining and dominateing the empty spaces of the sculpture, while the opposite occurs with the men.  It is through women’s bodies that humanity carries on.  The men provide for survival; the women ARE survival.  I started to put individual faces on the women like I did on the men, but it seemed to detract from the idea I was conveying.

Bronze edition of 12 (Sold Out).
9 x 11 x 4