dance of the men


Greek line dances, to me, represent the repeating, but varied, rhythms of the human life cycle, eternally spiraling inward to the past & outward to the future.

In this sculpture, these men are dancing with their spirits. Mostly space, their bodies are as insignificant as I could make them while still defining the varied rhythm in their movement and their interconnectedness in that space. Their lives have been about the things they have said, done, made, taught —temporal, passing things. These deeds define their character and they live on in them. Their dance celebrates this. It is a dance of dignity, a unity of individuals.

I create most of my bronze sculptures in clay to cast in bronze.  But I sculpted this piece directly in wax.  A less cooperative medium, I like the accidental forms and textures that occur while I work.


Bronze edition of 12.  $2200
10 x 12 x 4 inches.