William Tell

This commissioned bas-relief sculpture commemorates a client's proud Swiss heritage, by depicting the quasi-mythic story of William Tell. I have filled it with symbolism and meaning. William Tell's son, Walter looks confidently unafraid at his father. The three Iconosen, symbolic leaders of the Swiss fight for independence (which will be sparked by Tell's bravery) look on—one at the father, one at the son—both with empathy, concern, and admiration. The third, holding a sword, looks up in anger at the despot Gessler who has forced this situation. Gessler looks toward Tell. His hand covers his heart and his head is slightly bowed as he unknowingly foreshadows his fate. For the spare arrow in William Tell's belt, pointing at Gessler's heart, will soon be piercing it. Finally, Gessler's hat on a post that William Tell had refused to bow to, now bows to Tell. In the background are the Alps.


Cast stone edition of 10.
32 x 63 x 3 inches.