Singer On the Threshold, a portrait of Van Morrison

I’m a Van Morrison fan.  The sculpture is about being an artist.  Its title is a play on the title of his song, “Dweller On the Threshold”, which, to me, is about the effort & desire to find truth & meaning in our existence.  Much of his music seems to me a spiritual quest (often in the guise of a love song).  So, to express that quest, I gave his head an upward tilt and gave him an elongated trunk & legs tapering to the feet to give the piece upward movement.  The throat & chest swell with the effort & breath of singing.  One hand thrusts down toward the earth, to the source of physical being; the other is turned palm upward, a gesture that symbolizes both his giving—the gift to us of his art—and his receiving—the gift to him of inspiration.  The threshold is that place between the physical and the spiritual where daily existence opens out, through art, to higher places.

Cast stone for bronze.                                                 32 x 9 x 10 inches.