Of Water & air

(The Fish-Bird)

A fish on one side, a bird on the other, I created this bronze to fit into a garden landscape I designed, the theme of which is the interconnectedness of all things. The birds of the sky and the fish of the depths (and everything in between) are all manifestations of the one great cosmic, all encompassing, eternal ... you-know-the-rest. It is also an allegory of the human psyche, the fish symbolizing the depths of the subconscious and the bird, the free flights of creativity, imagination, and will. It is well suited for a garden or pond. The base could be made of wood, stone, cement, etc. to harmonize with its setting.  Of the seven bronzes cast, so far, no two have the same patina.


Bronze edition of 12 (varied patinas).
23 x 20 x 5 inches.