musing on "the kiss"

This bronze sculpture is a nude, seated on a famous sculpture. When I teach sculpting classes with a model I sculpt along with my students, but I rarely finish because I’m too busy instructing.  This time, being fond of the pose, I saw the piece through.  Wanting to do something interesting with the cube shape that the model had been posed on, I turned it into my version of Constantin Brancusi’s famous (at least to sculptors) stone carving entitled “The Kiss”— an abstract couple, eye-to-eye, mouth-to-mouth, etc. with their arms around each other. 

The sculpture's title has several layers of meaning: I juxtaposed the very realistic woman seated, literally musing on the very abstract kiss; she could be musing on the nature of the sculpture, or she could be musing on a remembered kiss.  Also she serves as the sculptor's muse as she sits on "The Kiss".

Bronze edition of 12.
17 x 6 x 6inches.