A tour to Greece?

A 3-week trip to Greece this summer was moving and inspiring.  How could it not be, surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape, and the man made beauty of art (mostly sculpture) and architecture.  I will be looking into arranging a "sculpture tour of Greece"  which will be a tour that I will lead in Greece whose main focus will be on the great examples and highlights of Greek sculpture, the place where it all began to flourish.  It will include places relevant to sculpture in Greece today.  I'll keep you posted.

Catching up

Since my last entry I have completed 2 commissioned pieces: a bronze portrait bust for a private client and a portrait of Mother Teresa holding a baby for the Museum of Spirituality in Art in Franklin, Ohio.

During a short respite in a six year string of commissions I was able to complete a small abstract piano player (that I started over 6 years ago).  I felt like a gem cutter while working on all of its many small facets.

  Piano Rhapsody in 3D

Piano Rhapsody in 3D


After a six year hibernation, I hope to bring my blog back to life with more regular entries.  So what have I been up to?  I’m in the process of creating a new website.  It, too, is long overdue, but I’ve happily had a 4-year, steady stream of commissions keeping me from it.  Here’s the list:

  • an 8 x 4 foot Indiana Limestone bas-relief for My Favorite Pet veterinary clinic in Vandalia, Ohio.
  • a life sized bronze portrait figure of Paul Flory for the Western & Southern Tennis Open’s Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio.
  • a 4 x 4 foot cast stone relief portrait of Neil Armstrong for the University of Cincinnati.
  • a bronze portrait bust of Dave Allen, music director for Elder & Seaton High Schools and Saint Williams Cathedral in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • a one-and-a-quarter times life sized bronze bust of General Alvin Ungerlieder for the city of Carbondale, Pennsylvania.
  • a cast stone bust of author Frances Trollope for the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati.
  • a cast stone miniature replica of a Harriet Beecher Stowe bust to serve as the annual Freedom Writers Award for the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati.
  • a 12-foot tall stainless steel abstract piece for Community First Solutions corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio.
  • a life sized bronze running back for Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati.
  • an Indiana Limestone eagle for the Walnut Hills High School class of 2015.

In addition to all that I’ve kept up with bronzes, carvings, and plaques that I’ve been selling through the 5th Street Gallery.