bard i

My Bards, #1 and #2, are both gesturing in the course of telling stories. (It may have something to do with Greeks talking with their hands.) The bards are part of my Big Men series, which is about the human spirit overcoming the human condition.  I believe that each of us is heroic in facing the fears, desires, pitfalls, and challenges that fill our lives.  The deeds of our hearts and hands allow us to rise above our faults and frailties with dignity.  So I give The Big Men (or Women) big, forceful, expressive hands to emphasize our deeds and well defined faces to emphasize character and individuality.  The bodies I leave mangled and roughly worked, symbolizing the physical & temporal aspect of our existence--less substantial than the spiritual.


Cast stone for bronze.
28 x 17 x 13 inches.